Brain Paper Publishing in partnership with Free Your Mind will sponsor a 3-day conference featuring high calibre speakers, writers, and researchers across country. They are going collaborate and discuss about mental health awareness and how you could maintain a healthy mental health.

Mental health is an issue that is not given the attention it deserves. It is often negated until the consequence becomes dire and sometimes fatal.

What is mental health? Is depression a form of mental health that we should be aware of? How about stress? What is the cause of this? How can this be prevented? These are just some of the questions that are going to be addressed at the conference. It’s about time we get to know more about what we are dealing with.

Listen how the speakers we invited would shed light to this growing problem of the world and bring forth empowering solutions. Be inspired at the people who managed sunk under but managed to claw their way out of it. It is time to finally deal with this with open eyes and minds. As writers, we should be on the forefront of this battle, informing people of the inevitable.

Speakers include:

  1. John Vibes (That’s Me)
  2. Marco Santorno
  3. Mikhail Tsaikovit
  4. Catalina Markova
  5. Melinda Palmer

Watch out for other speakers will be announced soon. Check out our bulletin regularly to see the announcement of the official schedule and venue. For tickets, and more questions regarding this event, email me at

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We are inviting you to the biggest writer conference yet in the whole Macomb County that will be joined by many well-known writer of this time. Learn about the best writing techniques from the professionals. Have your work read and professionally critiqued. Learn only from the best. Get a chance for your works to be published – only here at Brain Paper Publishing.

All writers are invited to join. Watch out for the schedule coming soon!