Publishing My Own Book

Ever since I was younger, I’ve always loved reading books. Books have been a source of inspiration to me and I loved how these things are able to bring me to other worlds through its creative words. I was able to learn a lot of things just by reading, know about other cultures from all over the world, fall in love with different characters. I was able to live in my fantasies also. It’s been thrilling ride whenever I read books and so even after years of growing up, I never lost my hero worship to the writers behind them. 

When I was in high school and we moved into my grandparents’ house after selling our family home through It was a big adjustment for me at first, but I was so happy when I found out that my grandparents have their own library. Not just that, it was filled with many books from all genres. For me, it was one of the best things I ever found in my life. Being in a place filled with these books or just being around them put me at ease and I love how I could just take one of the books from the shelves and read whenever I want. People say it was an obsession but I say they’re overreacting since it was just a hobby I extremely enjoy. Besides, reading is fine and is very useful so I find nothing wrong with it. 

However, before I went to college, I found a new hobby aside from just reading a book. I started to be fond of writing and after one or two write’-ups, I discovered that I was good at it. I started from writing short stories whenever I can or whenever I have time. After careful planning and considerations, I decided to take it seriously as a career. I started taking up courses that would enhance this skills. I even tried to research on how to write properly or improve my writing skills. Technology is very useful nowadays and so, I really picked up many things from searching on the internet. Through this, I was able to incorporate techniques to improve my writing. When I graduated, I pursued writing now as a career but still, I was very anxious about creating my own name in the writing field. 

But then, my passion is still as strong as it was before I entered college, so I tried to be bold and take a step closer to my dreams. While working for a company, I started trying to write my own book. I found the time to focus on it through my busy work schedule. It was very complicated at first and hard, but I learned how to manage my time. When I found out about John Vibes, a publishing house itself, I knew that I finally have a chance to share my own work with other people. They help writers to publish their works and so, I did not hesitate to reach out and ask for their help. John Vibes was actually very helpful and I saw a lot of writers happy and satisfied with publishing their books with the help of this team. That was the start of my dreams and even if it will take a very long time to be recognized, I still want to pursue writing.