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  • Publish your books safely and securely without being subjected to scam artist publisher
  • Get a fair deal for each and every one of your books without giving away the ownership of your work to your publisher
  • Keep 70% of the revenue from your books and pay no hidden charges
  • Express yourself from gatekeeping and censorship.
  • Get career growth through various writer seminars and workshops for a discounted entrance fee, or better yet for FREE!

That and more, when you publish your books with Brain Paper Publishing.


Thrumming with excitement into finally getting your work out to the world yet not sure of where to have it published? No problem. With Brain Paper Publishing, you and your work is safe from being exploited. Now, you can have the confidence that you are getting every penny your work is worth plus, without losing the ownership to strangers AT ALL.

Been there, done that. So now we want to spare you of the horror story. Your first time should be a joyous and fulfilled moment to you, and we want no less. For any genre, you have a place here. We believe that every publishing company should explore every possibility, and here at Brain Paper Publishing, we do want to have a variety. From romance novels, to biographies, auto biographies, and science fiction, to series for young adult or a dose of an adult romance, we accept it here. Even educational books, and other reference materials, we publish it here.


We are a team who came together under the leadership of author and researcher John Vibes. Our primary mission is to provide a safe platform for all professional and start up authors for their works.

Our headquarter lies in the middle of Tampa, Florida. In a garage-converted-office made better by the installation of our new classy, contemporary two-car, garage door by the best Tulsa garage door company. If you want to visit, you can see that ours is the only red garage door in the neighborhood of Tampa, so you won’t miss it. You’ll enjoy the ambiance of our newly renovated office that speaks of comfort and relaxation. Just like how we want our potential customers to feel.   


We are writers ourselves. We took pride in all of our works, and strive to protect it as our own. It was unfortunate that there are publishing companies who are out there to take ownership of what was a product of long hours or work, and hard effort. We want to prevent it, at the same time by promoting the works of the authors in ways they could get maximum profit.

We do not agree that the publishing company’s job stops after the books have been printed. As such, we come up of different ways to promote our products. We conduct book signing events to give the writers the opportunity to be well acquainted with the audience. We host writers’ conference for them to be more confident in doing their craft. We do not simply like to gain from this, we wish also our writers to have career growth by promoting them.

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